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Getting Payment Requests by ID

Get Payment Request information by ID.

Path Parameters
    paymentRequestId string required

    Payment Request ID obtained from the creation


Successfully created

    id string

    The id of the payment request

    iban string

    The iban (international bank account number) of the payment recipient

    recipient string

    Name of the recipient of the payment

    address string

    Address of the recipient of the payment

    amount number

    The amount in Euros (EUR) of the payment

    paymentProvider string

    The id of the target payment provider. Used for security reasons.

    purpose string

    The purpose of the payment, e.g. the invoice or the customer identifier. Used to match Gini's RTP payment with your transaction in the future.

    requesterUri string

    The uri of the business SDK app for returning after successful payment. Contains the payment request id as parameter. This is going to be used by you in case of an App-to-App integration.

    rtpBankUri string

    The uri of the bank app selected by the customer for opening the App via deeplink.

    createdAt string

    ISO Date String for the RTP Request payment creation

    expirationDate string

    Expiry Date/Time of the RTP. Beyond this date/time the RTP becomes void.

    status string

    Status depending on the comparison of the payment request with the actual payment can be "created", "scanned", "paid" or "invalid". By created means that the payment flow has been initiated; by scanned it means the RTP payment has already started (you can probably show a loader); paid means the RTP request have successfully finished and invalid any other refusal/denial of the payment.